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OK, MIC is temporarily.
OK, people I will bring this site back up at a later date. But for now with the endless spamming of my E-mail, forum, and even my LJ this whole site is on shut down until things calm down. And for you PA fans (which despite this whole thing I'm still one) this has all been a big misunderstanding. I've tried to E-mail Tycho to both explain and apologize for all this, but his E-mail keeps not wanting to receive so I figure I'll just have to wait.

But Basically here's a quick run down on how things went down.

1. I wrote my "chicken comic" which is dated 06302002

2.PA wrote their "chicken comic" like 3 or 4 days later

3. fans keep telling me I got ripped.

4. I check it out and it looks like a coincident so figure I'll just make a light hearted comic to mess around with PA, not even expecting any kind of a response. And if any I expected an E-mail asking me to take it down which would have been no biggie.

5. My fans keep telling me I should sue. And I say that isn't my style. Frankly I hate people who live there lives through others wallets.

6. Tycho posts on the news about the event in such a manor it pisses you all off and sends wave after wave after wave of fanatics E-mailing me, spamming my forum, and even getting into my Live Journal.

7. I get really pissed off and take down the site which was originally gone be permanent.

8. and basically from there the sh*t hits the fan.

So I'm trying to get this all cleaned up for two reasons

A. I never intended for much anyone outside my community of fans to see the stuff to start so I figured no harm done.

B. It's not fair to my fans that you guys are destroying one of my favorite hobbies (NOT JOB), and one of their bits of entertainment.

Which for those of you mocking my father's post on my boards. That's just cause he was interested in what I was doing for fun and well he figured he'd comment on it. BIG WOOP! so I have a father who actually wants to know what the heck his son does. Doesn't make me pathetic. And as for my site yeah I agree entirely PA makes better comics. Of coarse that's their life and money is in that site, while me I work two jobs and goto college. Does this give me so much comic time? No, I'm lucky alot of the time to get one post a week. (Which I did keep up despite the heavy schedule)

-Founder of Metal Ice Comics, Eric Fisher
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